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Hong Kong G6PD Deficiency Children's Foundation Limited

The non-profit-making organization set up by the self-organized organization of Ms. He Yingkai (B-Ma Ma) and several parents in November 2017 was formally established on March 8, 2018 and is currently applying to become a Hong Kong government accredited registered charity. The purpose of this association is to provide support for the "bean disease" family and unite the Hong Kong fabbean family. Create an information platform in both English and Chinese to provide information on faba bean disease and a list of foods and daily necessities that can be safely used. Through regular activities and education seminars, the public is informed about the correct knowledge of "bean disease" and the public is informed about the support and understanding of patients with faba bean disease and their families. At the same time, R & D provides "safe use / use of faba bean patients" label to product agents and manufacturers to mark their products for safe use by patients.

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